Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going off extensive notes to lay out the exact lines as was originally from the factory.

This was what I found underneath the "N"numbers on the side of the fuselage. This would have been from the factory, but the numbers were not.

To get the curve radius correct, I made paper templates to follow. It was challenging due to the contour of the cowling. Some innovative engineering later, if you call it that, I got it figured out. 

Meticulous measuring. Slowly going cross eyed!

All bagged and ready to paint her!

Paint measuring station. With a perfect match to the original color, it made it easy to mix.


Here I am starting to really get excited. Color is awesome!

Let's unmask and see what we have!

Better than Christmas for me!

These are the new cowl doors I overhauled 'almost ' completely. Talk about a perfect fit. If there is enough interest, (email me your information to    ....... NO SPAM....), I may go into the business of fixing doors. I am all tooled up now. 

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