Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Matched the original "Continental Grey" 

Brand new rocker covers that we had plated, as they were originally!

Had to fold up new baffling and found the Aircraft Spruce has the original anti-chafe seals

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smoothing out the flaws and dents with wood to prevent scarring and creasing of the metal.. leading to further issues.

A box of grungy pieces about to be made pretty once more.

All primed

Looks great after clear. Hope I didn't forget anything!

Going off extensive notes to lay out the exact lines as was originally from the factory.

This was what I found underneath the "N"numbers on the side of the fuselage. This would have been from the factory, but the numbers were not.

To get the curve radius correct, I made paper templates to follow. It was challenging due to the contour of the cowling. Some innovative engineering later, if you call it that, I got it figured out. 

Meticulous measuring. Slowly going cross eyed!

All bagged and ready to paint her!

Paint measuring station. With a perfect match to the original color, it made it easy to mix.


Here I am starting to really get excited. Color is awesome!

Let's unmask and see what we have!

Better than Christmas for me!

These are the new cowl doors I overhauled 'almost ' completely. Talk about a perfect fit. If there is enough interest, (email me your information to dbarron195@gmail.com    ....... NO SPAM....), I may go into the business of fixing doors. I am all tooled up now.