Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reserve Grand Champ!

I was able to park next to my grandfather at OSH

Awards ceremony

Vintage interview circle!
Door latches plated.

Same plane, same spot, only two years later!

THE original data tag!

NOS fuel indicators!

Duplicated all decals

Little blurry, but reassembled yokes and control rods with original style

Paid much attention to detail in the engine compartment such as;
original style baffle seals w/ staples,
all original hose clamps,
plated rocker covers,
original starter/generator/mags/bendix black ignition harness,
ignition harness lacing opposed to the stand-off brackets,
pal nuts,
original engine colors,
original style air filter,
glass original fuel strainer
among other little details!

No more birds, wasps, or mice!

Brand new... everything!

Pal nuts reinstalled

Original instruments, panel cover, interior color,
plastic panel was duplicated with computer graphics,
control yoke emblem was painted back on,
original radio was cleaned and reinstalled,
original compass correction card duplicated
from the original one, (with the correct numbers!),
all decals remade and installed, original heasets and microphone!,
re-plated/chromed ashtrays,
original airworthiness pouche duplicated!

Thermometer was in the right airvent originally. Also note the
round rubber seal is not painted while the long seal next
to the window is painted.

Looking like new everywhere!

The original door knobs were re-chromed!

A little more straight than when I got her!

Almost looks see-through!

Original Grimes beacon working and bright!
Old-time antenna installed

"One-Seventy" scripting duplicated!


The original materials and colors with the documentation to
prove it! Wish I had been born in the 50's!

No smoking nowadays!

That is THE original baggage mat that came with N1899C!

Re-plated coat hangar

Duplicated the way Cessna wrapped carpet around inspection panels

Underneath that cover are two beautifully restored map lights,
too bad they will never been seen!

Completely detailed out the map lights and garnished them
with the original decals as well!

Had to buy many different sun visors just to get all four of the
metal finishes that go on the upper corners!!

Made the document holder match what was done in the golden days!

If you have any questions or curiosities on my project or anything related for that matter, please send me an email @ dbarron195@gmail.com. I love talking about my project. Now that it is done, I am looking to starting a career, looking at many different possibilities! I love the restoration work as well as flying. Hope to someday get my hands on and dirty with warbird projects. This project has been such a learning experience as well as fun. Meeting new and interesting people everyday. Aviation needs to be promoted to youth, afterall, we are the future and without it, the sport of restoring and saving vintage aircraft could slowly dwindle to nothing. To everyone out there, if you have a desire to be in aviation, you have to take any opportunity you get. If you arent getting any opportunities, then  you have to create them! Also, if you are a pilot and you see an opportunity you could give to a youth interested in the field of aviating, offer it to them! There are many different ways to get into aviation. Anyone with the will and desire can get into that field as well.

Dillon Barron

Age: 17

Project began: May of 2009

Project completed: July 23, 2012

Date of Oshkosh: Also July 23, 2012 Yeah, I finished a couple things up at the show!

Winner of Reserve Grand Champion 2012

This project was done over the course of three years..
However, 90% of all the work done was in the past 7 months.
While tearing off the Airtex interior, I found confirmation
 of the original scheme, as well as more samples!

Interior panels are back!

It takes patience and practice to master installing a headliner!

Loving the colors!

Cut, fit and glued the tunnel carpet down!



Anchoring down the back seat on a 110 degree day is not the best job, but seeing the interior complete makes it all worth it!