Tuesday, July 31, 2012

While tearing off the Airtex interior, I found confirmation
 of the original scheme, as well as more samples!

Interior panels are back!

It takes patience and practice to master installing a headliner!

Loving the colors!

Cut, fit and glued the tunnel carpet down!



Anchoring down the back seat on a 110 degree day is not the best job, but seeing the interior complete makes it all worth it!


  1. Dillon: I had the pleasure of chatting with you at OSH before you were selected for the prize. Walking down the rows in the south 40, your 170 stood out from all the rest immediately. Thanks for the visit and allowing me to look at your plane. From the time I was born, I have been fascinated by airplanes. I was a teen in the 1950s and a neighbor/pilot gave me my first airplane ride in his C-170B. What a thrill. Your restoration brought back so many memories of that day..the sight AND smell of that beautiful plane!! In the early sixties I got my PPL and have fllown since. I'm almost 75 now and although I've owned several planes, including a hot rod Pitts Special, I still dream of one day owning a beautifully restored C-170 like yours. Belated congratulations and thanks for the memories. Oh, in your blog you said you wished you had been born in the 50s....trust me, it wasn't all that great. Best wishes, Carl Whittle, Norman, Oklahoma.

  2. G'day Dillon.
    Wow. I have just gone through this whole Blog staring at all the photos. You have done an amazing job, she looks brand new! I am from New Zealand (Christchurch) and am currently rebuilding a 1953 J5F Auster (think Taylorcraft but built in an anvil factory!). I am an engineer by trade (not Aircraft sadly) but still learning the aviation way of doing things. I want a safe job done so that slows things down as I have to get advice and then carry it out and then get it inspected and so on.
    So what's next? A Mustang? :-)
    (Barry Tod)

  3. Simply fantastic restoration, you are one lucky guy with all that experience you gain from your family. I have been in the Marine Corps working on military heavy lift helicopters for 10 years now and I have to say, we fix these aircraft to get the job done and it doesn't really matter how it looks, you guys on the other hand, fix your aircraft to look like brand new, very artistic skills you have. Keep up the good work, maybe one day you can restore my beloved 47 C-140!